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At Crain Law Group, LLC., our clients are treated with respect and given personal attention. Whether you have legal questions related to your business, non-profit, or family estate planning, our team is here to provide guidance and support. 


Personal Injury

We carefully select legitimate cases and provide a client-focused approach and service along with our depth of  experience. 


Estate Planning

From Last Wills & Testaments, Power of Attornies, Advance Directives, and Revocable Living Trusts, we have your future covered.


Employment Cases

Whether you are the employer or the employee, we have broad experience in dealing with employment concerns.


Church & Ministry Cases

 We seek to provide legal guidance from a Biblically-informed perspective and provide a wide array of legal services to churches.


Civil Rights & Constitutional Law

Our practice covers the complexities of discrimination, fair housing, abuse of power and more


Legal Advice Services

We gladly assist our clients to proactively address questions or concerns before they become legal issues or problems.


New book –  Now Available

A Call to Order is about Churches and church leaders increasingly find themselves locked in court battles and mounting conflict over government regulation. Now more than ever churches need sound legal advice to avoid costly entanglements that might divert them from their mission and purpose. This book is a must read for anyone involved in church leadership, planting or pastoring.


Featured in multiple publications, the breadth and depth of Crain Law Groups work has been highlighted over the years.

Joint AD HOC Committee
to Study Emergency Powers

Thursday, September 3, 2020
10:00Am House Hearing Room 1
Cordell Hull Building

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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory

Parents Group Sues Tennessee School Board Over ‘Divisive and Destructive’ Critical Race Theory A Tennessee parents’ advocacy group has announced that it filed a lawsuit on July 8 against a Franklin school board for adopting “divisive, debilitating, and racist”...

God Bless America

God Bless America

"God Bless America" Too Religious For U.S. Postal Service A poster in the lobby of the Post Office in Lompoc, California read "God Bless America." llt had been on display since days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. One local resident objected,...

Legal Matters

Legal Matters

Can What I Say on Facebook Cause Me Legal Problems? “I can’t believe I was fired from my job over simply expressing my personal views about outcome of the election,” exclaimed a client who recently called our office to inquire whether her employer could really get...


Nashville Christian Family – February 2019 : A grandmother, a young pastor, national religious advocacy fi rms, and the God who directs a man’s path—these entities worked together to propel Larry L. Crain from summers as a boy on a farm to becoming a nationally recognized constitutional lawyer…

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