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Typical Legal Advice Situations

Many of our clients come to us seeking legal advice on a wide range of topics.  The advantage oftentimes to the client is they are able to deal proactively with questions or concerns before these become a legal issue. Here are some of the typical situations in which we encourage clients to contact us for legal advice.

  • A business opportunity has been presented, and I need to do some due diligence before investing my time and resources;


  • I have a family member or friend who is suffering from an impairment or disability and may need assistance in dealing with their finances or help with personal care;


  • Tensions have been mounting at my place of employment, and I need advice on how to anticipate any confrontation with my employer over an issue;


  • I have questions about setting up my own business;


  • I serve on the board of a business or non-profit organization.  How can I make sure I am protected in the event they are sued?


  • I could use some legal guidance about how to respond to negative statements by another regarding my business or personal reputation on social media;


  • How can I better protect my business or non-profit from employment-related concerns?


  • What are my legal options when it comes to a dispute with my neighbor over a boundary dispute?


  • As a leader in a church or non-profit organization, what steps should I be taking to safeguard this ministry?


  • There have been some changes in our family.  Should I consider changing my Last Will and Testament?

These are just a few examples in which we may be able to offer you advice. When it comes to legal issues, early detection and prevention can be just as important as in a medical context.

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